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Message from John Hite and Leah Simon

       We want to give a heartfelt thanks for all whom have made this Silent Auction possible.  We could not have done this without teamwork of our Silent Auction Committee nor without the enthusiasm of the CHS Staff, Students and Parents who donated items, money and time to make this such a successful event. There were even some folks who are not even connected to CHS who pitched in to help with donations of time, money and items.

       Lest we forget, this money while it represents a number to us or even the hours worked to get that money, we must take a moment to reflect on how the funding of the Water Project will be changing lives for the better. Because of the generosity evidenced here and in the wider community which has become involved, the villagers in La Cumbre have already started the work to make this a reality.  They were so motivated and encouraged by how much we raised already, that they wanted to get started immediately.  

       We raised about $6,000 on the night of the Silent Auction with about $1,500 in donations coming in via check or online over the next 24 hours.  Even if the expenses turn out to be higher than expected (as they always are) this has put La Cumbre in a great position to accomplish what they want and need and they will know that CHS stands by them and will continue to stand by them.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, and in peace,

John Hite & Leah Simon

To donate and to learn more about our fundraising ideas, go to: https://sites.google.com/a/chccs.k12.nc.us/mr-hite-s-useful-links/dr-water-project

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