Science Olympiad Team

Carrboro High School Science Olympiad Team

(See images below)

The JV Team received seven 1st Place medals!
  Cell Biology                               Audrey Costley, Kate Allen                                    
 Disease DetectivesJames O'Brien, Kate Allen 
Dynamic PlanetKate Allen, Paloma Baca
 ForensicsPaloma Baca
 FossilsMaggie Jarrett, Sean Aiton
 HydrogeologyMaggie Jarrett, Bhairavy Puviindran 
 Wright Stuff Sean Aiton

The Varsity team won ten medals! 
These team members will go on to the state competition on April 23.
 Astronomy    Josh Abrams, Tejaz Ajit 
 Chem Lab Ben Moul, Natasha Dalmia
 Green Generation Shai Caspin, Ojas Patwardan
 It's About Time! Josh Abrams, Jonathan Moul

Three 2nd Place
 Dynamic Planet    Jonathan Moul, Trevor Wong
Fossils  Josh Abrams, Ha Eun Lee
Wind Power  Spencer Buebel

Three 3rd Place 
 Bottle Rocket Simon Deshusse, Ben Mou
 Disease Detectives  Shai Caspin, Ha Eun Lee
 Invasive Species

 Arushi Mahahan, Anjali Shankar

Science Olympiad